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How to disable specific ModSecurity rules in Plesk  Tipărire

1. Log in to your Plesk Control Panel. https://YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME-HERE:8443 


2. Navigate to "Logs".


3. Sort your logs for "Errors" only.


4. Find the Mod Security Error. Copy the numeric value of the error to a text document. Repeat for multiple Mod Security Errors.


5. Navigate to "Apache & nginx Settings".


6. Under "Additional Apache Directives", insert the text below, replacing the numeric value with your Mod Security error value from point 4 above. For multiple Mod Security Errors, separate each numeric value with a space. 

<IfModule mod_security2.c>
SecRuleRemoveById 340162 340163


7. Scroll down, and select "OK".


8. You are done!

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