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We know that for most people, the idea of transferring your domain is right up there with taking a trip to the dentist! It can often be a frustrating process but the long term pay-off is worth it so that you ensure all your web hosting related pieces are in as few different places as possible (this is why we resell domains at cost). Something to keep in mind while going through this process is that it's designed with checks & balances for your benefit so that your domain can't easily be transferred to an unauthorized party. 



  • When a domain registration is transferred any existing time on the domain lease is preserved, that is to say you never lose any paid up value by transferring a domain  
  • Expired domains cannot be transferred, they need to be renewed with the existing registrar first then the transfer can take place 
  • New domains cannot be transferred until they are 60 days or older. During that time the DNS can be pointed to our servers
  • You MUST have access to the email account identified as the "Admin Contact" to confirm the transfer


Get your Info:

You can use this tool to help you find who your current registrar is as well as other important information like when it expires, and if it's locked for transfer:


The Process

Domain Transfers are done is three Phases: 

1 . You need to prepare the domain for Transfer 

2 . We initiate the transfer 

3. You confirm the transfer 


We know that 9 times out of 10 you won’t know your current domain registrars account login details so calling them may be your best bet. To confirm your identity they will likely send you an email to the admin contact email address so you will need to have access to it to make this work. Once you get access, you need to to do these things: 


With your existing registrar you need to prepare your domain for transfer:

  • Check and ensure to disable Whois privacy protection tool or Private Registration for your domain
  • Verify you have access to the email within the domain’s WHOIS Administrative contact (Again you can check here: whois lookup)
  • Unlock your domain for transfer
  • Obtain the EPP code (transfer authorization code) from the current registrar


Submit your transfer through your account

  • Once logged in, Click the "Order" button on the right, then select "Domain Registration" from the drop down menu and select Transfer a Domain
    (or just click here:
  • Enter your domain name and click "add to cart". 
  • In the "Notes / Additional Information" field enter the EPP code (transfer authorization code)
  • Click the “Complete Order” button and we will verify the domain is ready for transfer and return the results.


Typically within a few minutes you will receive an email (the email address associated with the Admin Contact for the domain) asking you to confirm the transfer of the domain. Once the link is clicked and you click the Yes, I confirm button the process will be complete. 


Note: The Confirmation email (to the Admin contact) to authorize the transfer comes from:


And as always, if you have any trouble or need any help at all please don't hesitate to let us know or give us a call. 


Update Name Servers (DNS)

If you are unable to transfer your domain for any reason, you can still update the name servers to point to us. The correct name servers are provided to you in your New Account Information email.

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