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__This is what your Client Portal looks like

_( )

Here you can do things like:

      • Review Invoices
      • Check Server Status
      • Review Support Tickets
      • Order / manage Products
      • Manage Domains (Nameservers)


__ This is the Server Control Panel (Plesk)

__ _ (https://YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME-HERE:8443)

Here you can do things like:

      • Install & Configure WordPress
      • Manage Email Accounts
      • Manage DNS
      • Manage FTP Accounts
      • Manage SSL Certificates

To get from the Client Portal to the Server Control Panel do this:

Step #1 - Within the Client Portal click on the "My Services" link under the "Services" tab that looks like this:

Step #2 - Then click on the Green "Active" button Icon that looks like this:

Step #3 - Finally, click on "Open Control Panel" button at the bottom of the page that looks like this:


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