Migrating Your Existing Site From Your Previous Host to Us  Print this Article

Log in to your current hosting provider's control panel, and retrieve, or create FTP credentials.

Determine the configuration needed to connect via FTP to your current provider's servers:
-File protocol (FTP, SFTP, SCP etc)
-Encryption type (if needed)
-Host name/ IP address
-Port number

Use filezilla/WinSCP/FTP client of your choice and connect. Select the top folder for the site (usually contains the domain name), and download it.

Find the folder that was downloaded via FTP, and within that folder locate the folder that contains the site files. The files should look similar to the picture:

Zip the folder that contains those files. Zipping a folder makes it a single file, which is what is needed to upload a full site at once.

Log in to the Plesk control panel on our server, and click on the File Manager menu item.

-Navigate to the Home Directory (top directory).
-Click the "upload button", and upload the zip file that you made.
-Navigate to httpdocs, and delete all items in that folder.
-Navigate back to the Home Directory, and click the check box next to the zip file.
-Click "extract files".
-Extract the files to httpdocs

The file manager should look something like this:

And thats it! You have migrated your site files. Now you will need to migrate the site database. Steps on how to accomplish that can be found here:

Migrating a WP data base

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