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Now that you have access to your Plesk control panel, you can create email addresses within your domain! An email address in your own domain looks professional and is a great way to stay on brand. Its always better to communicate with a personal email, than an etc account. With your own domain, and Plesk control panel, you can create and administer additional email accounts and options. Here are the steps for creating your first email account:

Log in to your Plesk control panel.

Navigate to the domain in question.

Click on the "Email Addresses" menu item.

Click "Create Email Address"

Fill in the required fields:
-Email address
-Password confirmation

If you want, you can deselect the "access to the customer panel" option if the account does not need access to the Plesk control panel.

Click "OK"

Open a web browser, and navigate to, and log in with the full email address, and password that you just created.

Nice! You can start using that email address immediately, and can access your account anywhere via web browser!

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